Map the Future

Join us to build the future of earth observation analytics

At SkyMap Global, we’re building the future of earth observation analytics. Whether it is making agriculture better, reducing the impact of pollution or helping prevent disasters, our solutions are focused towards helping our customers discover, analyze and visualise information. And with a highly passionate team, we build the fastest, most efficient and affordable tools and techniques to help them make the right decisions.

Work with the best in the business

Our team is comprised of researchers and scholars with excellent academic backgrounds and technical skills looking for smart people to join them.

Explore and build with the latest technology

At SkyMap Global, you will get your hands dirty applying advanced technology to earth observation data. Ask us about our feature extraction routines powered by machine learning.

Innovate through Research

Innovation through research is at the core of our business and we continue to invest by closely working with top-tier institutes across the world.

Lead today, Pioneer tomorrow

Lead by example and collaborate to learn, share and solve the toughest challenges of today. Pioneer the change you wish to see tomorrow.

Discover your role and join us today to map the future of location analytics. See opportunities below.

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