Remote Sensing and GIS Solution Algorithm Developer

Job Location: Singapore

We are looking a Senior Algorithm Developer for our remote sensing and GIS solution R&D team. This person will be one of the core members of the R&D team, aiming to develop the backend algorithms and prototypes for our highly automated Earth Observation solutions.

Primary responsibilities

  1. Develop the core algorithm for remote sensing data processing, analysis, interpretation, fusion and information extraction.
  2. Applying the up-to-date methodologies to design new solutions and improve the accuracy and efficiency of existing solutions.
  3. Understand the customers’ requirements and design the solutions for each real-world challenge.
  4. Discuss with customers to refine the requirement and present the demo outcome.
  5. Maintain good documentation of code and solutions.
  6. Cooperate with other teams to finalize the commercialization of the solutions.


  1. Develop the core algorithm and methodology of solutions, including:
    • Multi-source, Multi-format data handling.
    • Multi-sensor data fusion.
    • Feature extraction and selection
    • Classification, object recognition, identification and tracking
    • Machine learning
  2. Apply the up to data methodologies to solve real-world challenges
    • Participate in the dual-week team case-study meeting to identify the best-fit algorithm for the current solution.
    • Develop new algorithm for each user requirement specific functionality
    • Update the methodologies of existing solutions to improve the efficiency and accuracy.
    • Testing and documentation
  3. Communication, documents, presentation
    • Cooperate with other teams to finalize the commercialization of the solution
    • Provide technical support for internal and external usage

Job Requirements

  • Good knowledge in remote sensing and GIS
  • Good knowledge in imagery analysis and computer vision
  • Good knowledge in Synthetic Aperture Radar will be added advantage
  • Programming skills, knowledge in Matlab, python or C++.
  • Comfortable working independently
  • Team player with strong written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willing to learn and keep up with the current up to date technology

Please include the following in your resume

  • Nationality/PR Status
  • Recent Photo
  • Expected compensation

To apply, send your resume or CV to