Earth observation and analytics solutions for Agriculture

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Agriculture is the backbone of any growing economy and a pivotal sector for ensuring food security. Agricultural bodies and farmers can benefit from location data to make timely and informed decisions.

See how AgriTrekk from SkyMap Global can help you generate regular updates on crop production statistics, and provide insights to achieve sustainable agriculture.

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Agriculture Land Monitoring

AgriTrekk uses a combination of satellite imagery and GIS to digitise the perimeter of fields to create a record of plot boundaries with real time monitoring.


Vegetation Condition

AgriTrekk can monitor the vegetation condition with satellite imagery and the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).


Soil Mapping and Monitoring

Advancements in space technology has opened application possibilities of remote sensing in soil mapping. Soils can be mapped at a detailed level where the pattern of soils in individual fields can be identified.