Digital Marketing Specialist

Job Location: Hyderabad, India

We are looking for a Digital Marketing Specialist with 3-4 years of experience in a B2B environment and a great track record of generating leads online.

The ideal candidate should have knowledge of implementing the following:


  1. Keyword research and competitor research
  2. On-page optimisation
  3. Off-page strategy

Google Analytics:

  1. Using tag manager to check for install, errors and optimise
  2. Track source of visits (SEO, AdWords, Social Media, etc.)
  3. Track which source a lead came from & implement conversion tracking
  4. Discover reason for bounce rate/exit


  1. Manage AdWords campaigns
  2. Finding the right keywords for ad creation
  3. Track conversion and performance
  4. Suggest strategy to improve performance

We prefer candidates with:

  1. A diploma or certification in Digital Marketing from a reputed online or offline institute.
  2. Experience using Wordpress, Zoho CRM
  3. Fluent communication skills in English
  4. Experience working in a cross-cultural environment since our team is spread across India and South East Asia

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