Google Maps API

Today, more and more organizations are investing in mobile and online apps that allow their employees and consumers to get relevant, map-based information. But this is just the beginning. Location-based technology can help organizations stay current with consumers and enable better, more efficient ways of getting things done.

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Satellite Imagery

As the leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial information in Asia, SkyMap Global can boost your projects with high quality, multispectral imagery ranging from 10 m to 70 cm in resolution. Make use of our commercial satellite partners to leverage business solutions and geospatial applications for Infrastructure, Mining, Energy, Water Resources, Insurance, Agriculture, Plantation and Environment.

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Digital Elevation Model

Eliminate the need for expensive ground surveys with our high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). Using algorithms from our global partners, SkyMap can produce high quality, high resolution DEMs from satellite stereo-images much quicker than manual techniques, and provide you with 3D visualization of terrain of the most remote places on earth. With uses ranging from land use planning to agricultural zoning, our DEMs give you an edge over your competition.

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SkyMap Global’s BaseImages provide customised imagery collection of orthorectified mosaic basemaps at province-wide, state-wide and country-wide levels. Get access to fresh, complete, high resolution, accurate, seamless and orthorectified imagery with high frequency availability via our on-demand service. You can set your request based on standard administrative boundaries or customise it based on the extent of the environment.

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3D City Modelling

SkyMap Global in partnership with virtualcitySYSTEMS provides a platform for 3D city modelling. Gain access to 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure created using CityGML formats and obtain city maps of 3D objects with respect to their geometry, topology, semantics and appearance. Our systems help in bridging Urban Information Models with Building Information Models (BIM) to improve interoperability among information systems used in the design, construction, ownership and operation of buildings and capital projects.

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Discover how you can drive smarter decisions using location analytics