Leveraging our delivery of diverse datasets, we offer cutting edge capability to monitor large areas with a simple click. Monitor urban and agricultural areas, forest lands, water bodies and much more in both 2 D and 3 D on a simple yet intuitive web platform.

Constant updates and time series analysis

Derive actionable insights on the ground with daily imagery and analyse trends that occur.

Get accurate topographical information

Map and analyse topographic data, get timely insights based on the changes and recent developments of your landscape.

Get critical insights with the help of Artificial Intelligence

Get critical insights into your Area of Interest through our proprietary algorithms - feature extraction and change detection

Progress tracking and geotagging

Be provided with high-resolution images powered by artificial intelligence. These are:  
  1. Updated on a monthly/quarterly basis - Each update will provide detailed reports on the recent change and automatically update the base map for comparison with the next image.
  1. Combined with real-time field data and a Management Information System (MIS) - This is to help you stay current on your important projects.


Drone images

Medium res images

High res images

Satellite Imagery and archive



Case Study: How the Government of Arunchal Pradesh uses Infrastructure Monitoring Solution