Skymap global provides geospatial-based solutions and services in the areas of infrastructure planning, mapping and monitoring


Automatically detect and highlight changes along pipelines. Combat encroachment much faster through automated feature detection.  Our end-to-end platform harnesses the use of artificial intelligence and can be used for: encroachment detection, asset life cycle management.

City Change Detection

View and highlight changes being made to cities.

Border Change Detection

Remotely monitor borders to visualise changes that have taken place and check for illegal activities.

Water boundary Change Detection

Extract an AOI based on your specification, and check for changes of water boundary to visualise change.

Forest Change Detection

Remotely assess changes in Forest Deforestation and Afforestation. Detect and Monitor Forest Fires to assess: the extent of damages, land cover change.

Building height change detection

With the help of 3D modelling - detect the change in height of any building.