Provides last 16 years’ agriculture condition (Monthly / Seasonal / Yearly) retrieved from statistical model. This information can suggest which are the areas of State, District and Taluka has performed consistently well or bad.

Locate Farm

Digitize farm land from mobile device geographically with farmer details. Locate farm server help to verify farmer land area with boundary and information and make farmer level database.


Daily Coverage

Monitor each farmer plot daily using satellite based analytics. This can help to monitor which farmer is performing, which farmer land has insecticide. Disaster loss estimation area, fixed compensation based on damage area. Harvest planning and make new season crop showing planning.

Weather Forecast

Forecast Meteorologically parameters like rainfall, temperature, wind speed, wind direction, Snow, Cloud etc., within same platform. This can help to give more information to the farmers.


Harvest Monitor

This is a daily monitoring solution from sowing to harvest on each farmer plot. It provides information from satellite based analytics on when the crop is sown through the harvesting and know which farm plots are double crop or triple crop. Based on the information from harvest monitor banks or financial companies can set up loan recovery policy. Additionally, the recovery team can also be tasked work based on harvest for loan recovery.

Asset Manager

Manage all the asset related to agriculture. Assign territory to field manager and maintain hierarchy. Farmers can check nearest mandi location and pricing details on crop wise and plan the next step. This can help every with farmland security.


Market Watch

This solution provides Mandi level information useful on both to a bank/insurance company or farmer. It helps the farmer in making decisions based on market price to sell crop. The solution provides daily information on each mandi on which crop arrived how much, price of each crop, modal price of each crop. We are also predicting which are markets are good to sell which crop on every week basis.

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