UI/UX Designer - Remote Sensing and GIS Solutions

Job Location: Singapore

We are looking for a UI/UX Designer for our remote sensing and GIS solutions R&D team. The candidate will work with the R&D team to design user-centric service portal for our Earth Observation solutions.

Primary responsibilities:

  1. Work with Product Managers and Analysts to understand the user cases and stakeholders’ requirements of each Earth Observation solution.
  2. Improve the existing products of the Company.
  3. Design and develop conceptual diagrams, wireframes, visual mockups, prototypes, flow diagrams and other UX artifacts for web and mobile.
  4. Apply human metaphoric to interface design and develop UI wireframes to ensure relevant and user-friendly operational usage of user interfaces.
  5. Deliver web and mobile UI designs that support cross-browser compatibility and UI responsiveness.
  6. Work together with the team to derive UI standard guidelines and ensure UI consistency throughout Company’s products.
  7. Constantly revise and update designs and documentation through user testing and customer feedback.


  1. Understand the user cases and stakeholders’ requirements:
    • Multi-source, multi-format data input handling.
    • Identify the base functionalities required for the standard platform interface.
    • Identify and customize the special functionalities required by different modules and users.
  2. Improve the existing products of the Company:
    • Review the existing products and generate corresponding documents.
    • Propose improvement for more intuitive user experience.
  3. Derive UI standard guidelines and UI consistency throughout Company’s products:
    • Work with team members to generate the standard guidelines.
    • Modify the existing products based on the new standard guidelines.
    • Ensure consistency of the future development of new products or updates.

Job Requirements

  • At least 2 years of experience in Mobile & Web UI/UX design.
  • Proficiency in web design software.
  • Knowledge in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, JSON, AJAX, XML and cross-browser techniques.
  • Team player and able to develop and present design ideas well in a team environment.
  • At least a Diploma in the relevant field.

Please include the following in your resume:

  • Nationality/PR status
  • Recent photo
  • Past experience
  • Expected salary

To apply, send an email: bernadette.chang@skymapglobal.com

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