At SkyMap Global, we have powered our infrastructure using the capabilities of the cloud. Processing, analysis and deriving insights from imagery have become easier thanks to the scalable compute power of the cloud. We have since hosted applications and solutions on the cloud to make the analysis of imagery easier and faster for our end-users.

As a premier partner for Google Cloud in the India and SEA regions, we sponsored the Google Cloud Summit in Mumbai. From our booth, we showcased our capabilities and solutions to over 5000 attendees from the Banking, Finance, Insurance, Retail, Real Estate and other industries. We presented our Information Product portfolio and have received a huge response to our offerings.

At the summit, we also presented tools that employed machine learning and artificial intelligence to extract vital information from multiple years of high-resolution satellite data including:

  • Building footprint extraction
  • Road detection
  • Forestry change detection

There has been an overwhelming response to our product portfolio and we are looking to expand our offerings by opening up the data to make it more accessible to more scientists so that they can use it in their decision-making process within Insurance, FMCG and other such companies.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Our infrastructure monitoring solution for the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) sector is a unique solution that empowers businesses to employ a project monitoring solution to stay current on infrastructure projects. With information on a unified dashboard, the solution allows supervisors to manage their portfolio of projects and learn changes over time.

              Left (Before)                                                                                                  Right (After)

Agriculture Monitoring

We also showcased our capabilities in monitoring agriculture using satellite imagery. With 16 years of historic agricultural data, we’re focused on helping governments and agencies digitize farmland, manage assets remotely and monitor agriculture developments in comparison to past performance.

To learn more on the capabilities and solutions for your industry, please contact us.