SkyMap Global has signed a technological partnership with Indian Institute of Technology, Patna to explore, research and integrate Deep learning into products and services. This partnership will facilitate knowledge sharing, build expertise and ultimately solve complex problems for end users.

The partnership and the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) were signed with the Artificial Intelligence-Natural Language Processing-Machine Learning (AI-NLP-ML) research team at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Mr Abhay Mittal, CEO of SkyMap Global on the 24th of November 2017.

Speaking about the MoU, Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya, Director IIT Patna said, “IIT Patna is rapidly growing into a world-class institute and in this journey, it is setting up strong linkages with the industry. The current collaboration with SkyMap Global is an example of this proactive mutual reaching out.”

Researchers and scholars at IIT Patna have built an open-source, indigenous system that can read information, analyze, and deliver accurate insights that can be applied to various industry verticals and organizations.

Speaking about the MoU, Abhay Mittal, said, “The question is not if Deep Learning and AI are the future. The question is how soon one can deploy it. ”


With location data in various forms being captured from multiple sensors such as satellites, drones and real-time data from the field, SkyMap Globals’ image analysis team will leverage IIT Patna’s strong capabilities in applying Deep Learning to these types of data.

“Our Teams globally will have access to the best knowledge centres for solving real word problems quickly and I believe with this partnership we can deliver strong value with some very impactful applications,” added Mittal.

SkyMap Global is delighted to be working with Prof Pushpak Bhattacharyya who is a highly recognised researcher and a member of the National Knowledge Commission: task force on translation, set up by the Prime Minister of India and Committee on Language Technology, set up by the Planning Commission of India, 2006. For his outstanding contribution to computer science, he has received many accolades including IBM Innovation award (2007), Yahoo Faculty Award (2011), P. K. Patwardhan Award for Technology Development (2008), and VNMM Award of IIT Roorkee (2014). He is also an associate editor of ACM Transaction of Asian Language Information Processing (TALIP) (since 2011), chair of lexical resources committee of Asian Federation of NLP and board member of Global Wordnet Association. Prof. Bhattacharyya is a member of the Committee to decide Language Technology Policy, Ministry of Human Resources Development (MHRD).