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About Us

We have a deep domain experience in geo-spatial data products & services from vector maps, satellite imagery to Geospatial solutions & services. Strong relationships with government agencies across the World – USA, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Turkey, India.


SkyMap Global is Asia’s leading provider of Imagery and geospatial information. These data sources are being targeted towards geospatial applications for Infrastructure, Mining, Energy, Water Resources, Insurance, Agriculture, Plantation and Environment. SkyMap Global has a global presence through partners and consultants at National and International levels to leverage business solutions and benefits.


  • To bring satellite imagery to the doorstep of every user empowering them with a better decision making to help sustainability of our resources
  • To create an ecosystem of consultants & local partners enabling them with right set of technology and Go-To-Market strategy
  • To provide next generation of data products and services for our customers by co-creating solutions with our global technology partners


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Client & Testimonial

  • It has been great pleasure of working with SkyMap Global. They have wealthy experience and expertise in the geospatial industry, and they are dedicated, intelligent and productive. There have been many successful cooperation to develop the market together and we are quite satisfied not only by the result but also by the way they work: very professional, integrated, enthusiastic and punctual.  For example, Skymap Global has achieved wonderful performance in developing the market for KOMPSAT in India, and we expect the more growth will continue in this market through cooperation with Skymap Global. During the time working together with Skymap Global, you can expect the best performance and complimentary pleasure.  
    MoongYu Kim, Director-Satrec Imaging Services, Korea
    MoongYu Kim, Director-Satrec Imaging Services, Korea

Our Clients


Satellite Imagery

satelliteAs the leading provider of satellite imagery and geospatial information in Asia, SkyMap Global can boost your projects with high quality, multispectral imagery ranging from 10 m to 70 cm in resolution. Make use of our commercial satellite partners to leverage business solutions and geospatial applications for Infrastructure, Mining, Energy, Water Resources, Insurance, Agriculture, Plantation and Environment.

Digital Elevation Model

demEliminate the need for expensive ground surveys with our high resolution Digital Elevation Models (DEMs). Using algorithms from our global partners, SkyMap can produce high quality, high resolution DEMs from satellite stereo-images much quicker than manual techniques, and provide you with 3D visualization of terrain of the most remote places on earth. With uses ranging from land use planning to agricultural zoning, our DEMs give you an edge over your competition.

3D City Modelling

3d-city modelSkyMap Global in partnership with virtualcitySYSTEMS provides a platform for 3D city modelling. Gain access to 3D Spatial Data Infrastructure created using CityGML formats and obtain city maps of 3D objects with respect to their geometry, topology, semantics and appearance. Our systems help in bridging Urban Information Models with Building Information Models (BIM) to improve interoperability among information systems used in the design, construction, ownership and operation of buildings and capital projects.


baseimageSkyMap Global’s BaseImages provide customised imagery collection of orthorectified mosaic basemaps at province-wide, state-wide and country-wide levels. Get access to fresh, complete, high resolution, accurate, seamless and orthorectified imagery with high frequency availability via our on-demand service. You can set your request based on standard administrative boundaries or customise it based on the extent of the environment.

Google Solutions

Today, more and more organizations are investing in mobile and online apps that allow their employees and consumers to get relevant, map-based information. But this is just the beginning. Location-based technology can help organizations stay current with consumers and enable better, more efficient ways of getting things done.





Our Services

  • System-Integration

    System Integration

    SkyMap Global is providing integration services with different technologies to access such data on cloud so as to give users the empowerment on decision making with latest information on their desktops and mobiles. Know More >
  • Image-Processing

    Image Processing

    SkyMap in partnership with PCI and SimActive provides various Image Processing Softwares. These are state of the art software which are capable to produce high quality products. We provide a wide range of imagery processing solutions. Imagery is be...
  • Geo-Software

    Geo Softwares

    SkyMap Global has formed strategic alliances with the top providers of software and imagery in order to deliver the best products for our customers. These, combined with our team’s experience and expertise, allows SkyMap to create customised pl...
  • Atmospheric-Correction

    Atmospheric Correction

    About the Technology The radiance signal L recorded by earth-observing satellite sensors consist of three parts:  scattered radiance of photons without ground contact (L1), ground reflected radiance from the observed pixel (L2), and reflected ground...
  • oil-spill-mapping

    Oil Spill Mapping

    Overview Large spills of oil in the marine environment can have serious biological and economic impacts. Timely and accurate detection of surface oil slicks is indispensable for monitoring oil spill hazards and natural oil seepage. Such data is extre...
  • Dredging-Monitoring

    Dredging Monitoring

    A number of water quality parameters can be monitored to determine the impact of dredging near a site. High-accuracy measurements of conductivity and temperature as a function of depth are key to providing a baseline reference of the local ocean dens...
  • Bathymetry-Mapping

    Bathymetry Mapping

    Bathymetric data in shallow waters are critical to marine engineering, environmental management and hydrographic applications, amongst others. Key benefits of our state-of-the-art SDB services include: remote/denied area access rapid delivery, no mo...
  • Bridge-Monitoring

    Bridge Monitoring

    Deployed on some of the world’s largest and most strategically important bridge infrastructures, SkyMap Global delivers remote monitoring information and warnings of impending structural issues to enable operators to protect public safety, manage ...
  • Pipeline-Monitoring

    Pipeline Monitoring

    Pipelines are important assets to the nation and several different types of problems arise round exposed and underground pipelines. The challenges faced are encroachment and structures being created on or around these pipelines. Monitoring therefore ...
  • City-Monitoring

    Smart City Monitor

    SkyMap Smart City Monitor delivers essential information that is critical to operational team which needs to report on infrastructure management and take decisions regularly for public interest including: 1 Building Construction Change 2. Land Use Ch...

Your Industry

  • Environment


    Skymap Global provides wide range of solutions and services for palm oil, rubber and tea plantation industry. Our geospatial solutions can be used for new plantation planning, designing, replanting and monitoring. These solutions allow plantations de...
  • Forestery


    SkyMap Global in partnership with BlackBridge’s remote sensing solutions in forestry range from supporting carbon credit trading to customized alert services on forest health. Drawing on the experience of forestry experts, BlackBridge has devel...
  • Plantation


    Skymap Global provides wide range of solutions and services for palm oil, rubber and tea plantation industry. Our geospatial solutions can be used for new plantation planning, designing, replanting and monitoring. These solutions allow plantations de...
  • Mining-and-materials

    Mining & Materials

    Skymap Global provides clients in mining and material extraction with geospatial based solutions and services throughout the life cycle of a mine- from exploration and feasibility to extraction to facilities management to restoration. We understand o...
  • Infrastructure


    Skymap Global provides clients in infrastructure with geospatial based solutions and services in areas of infrastructure planning, execution and management. We understand the importance of infrastructure in powering Asia’s growth. Putting our focus...
  • Agriculture-Industry


    Every sector of the agricultural industry is under pressure to make timely and informed decisions based on current crop information. Geospatial information will play an ever-increasing role in agricultural management, and SkyMap Global in partnership...
  • Water-industry

    Water Resources

    Skymap Global provides wide range of solutions and services in Water Quality management, Water Depth and Seafloor/Benthic Mapping for coasts and rivers. We understand the historic importance of water resources in Asian culture. As such, we are provid...
  • Wind-&-Power

    Energy Industry

    Skymap Global provides wide range of solutions and services for clients in Oil & Gas and Power (both conventional and clean). We understand the need Energy plays in powering the new economy of Asia. As Asia grows and develops, so will be the dema...

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