THAICHOTE is the first operational Earth Observation Satellite of Thailand. To satisfy users in almost all applications, Thaichote is equipped with a 2-meter resolution panchromatic telescope with 22-kilometer swath width and a 15-meter resolution multispectral camera with a 90-kilometer wide viewing.

Multispectral Products Thaichote panchromatic products provide 2 meter resolution (at nadir) and 8 bits information depth. The output scene is a square scene of 22 km. x 22 km.

Panchromatic Products Thaichote multispectral products provide 15 meter resolution (at nadir) and 8 bits information depth. All four bands are delivered as one file. The output scene is a square scene of 90 km. x 90 km.

Stereo Imaging Stereo pair can be used for relief perception and elevation plotting (Digital Elevation Modelling).

These stereo images can be acquired by Thaichote with 2 different methods:

  1. The programming of two images of the same area on the ground acquired at different roll viewing angles on successive satellite passes
  2. The pitch agility allows acquiring a stereo pair in the same pass at less than 5mn delay.


A member of our team will contact you for clarification, following which you will receive your free image preview within 2 working days.

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  Panchromatic Multispectral
Wavelength P : 0.45 - 0.90 µm B0 (blue) : 0.45 - 0.52 µm
B1 (green) : 0.53 - 0.60 µm
B2 (red) : 0.62 - 0.69 µm
B3 (near infrared) : 0.77 - 0.90 µm
Resolution 2 m. 15 m.
Swath width 22 km. (nadir) 90 km. (nadir)
Number of pixels 12,000 pixels 6,000 pixels
Access corridor width 1,000 km. 1,100 km.