RADARSAT-2 offers rapid access to all-weather imagery and surveillance information for a wide range of civil, commercial, and defence applications. RADARSAT-2 is the primary source of SAR data for the defence and security, oil and gas, mining, disaster management, natural resources, aviation, and agriculture markets.

Designed from the beginning to be responsive to end-user needs, RADARSAT-2 delivers for operational applications that require rapid access to newly-acquired data. Data processing and delivery timelines have been continually reduced to be able to provide data to users as fast as less than one hour. RADARSAT-2 has a huge imaging capacity allowing users access to data with a reduced chance of conflicts.

RADARSAT-2 provides high-resolution SAR imagery regardless of light and weather conditions. RADARSAT-2 images the Earth at spatial resolutions ranging from 1 to 100 metres, providing coverage from 144 to 250,000 km2 in a single scene. Imaging supports single, dual and quad polarization options. With 20 imaging modes, RADARSAT-2 provides the greatest flexibility and commercial capacity of any SAR mission, enabling customers to select the right combination of resolution, polarization, and swath width to address their imaging requirements. The advanced capabilities of RADARSAT-2 allow users to have access to the most operationally focused SAR mission available. Customers who utilize this service will receive support from the largest global network of ground receiving stations of any SAR mission.


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