Internet of Things (IoT)

Get real-time insights delivered from the cloud by combining data from satellites to IoT devices

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing much of the world we live in today. The idea of using an affordable device to capture information and connect that to the internet can create new possibilities with powerful insights never before possible.

Generate insights automatically

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, we’re bringing this data to life for businesses wanting to go beyond just location.

Imagine a giant network of small devices collecting information always and continuously talking to each other. With affordable IoT (Internet of Things) devices, gathering this data is easy, but making sense of it is the hardest part and it’s what we are solving today.


Automating IoT

One dashboard to view and analyse data from satellites to IoT devices

With IoT, automation is the key to success. Imagine a city where data from all sources can be visualised and analysed on a map. You can:

  • Make management easy
  • Allocate the right resources
  • Prevent before it happens

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Manage smarter with our sensors

Connect everything with affordable IoT sensors and get real-time insights. Applications of IoT sensors are only limited by imagination.


  1. Smart plug
  2. Motion sensor
  3. Door sensor
  4. Help sensor
  5. Gas sensor
  6. Temperature sensor
  7. Smoke sensor
  8. Inventory sensor
  9. Temperature (Freezer)
  10. Door freezer sensor
  11. Water level sensor
  12. Humidity sensor
  13. Oil level sensor
  14. GPS sensor
  15. Water presence sensor
  16. Pressure sensor


  1. H2S
  2. CH4
  3. CO2
  4. H2
  5. CO
  6. C4H10
  7. NH3
  8. Air Purity Sensor