Boost FMCG Sales Using Location Analytics

SalesTrekk is a one stop solution to empower every FMCG organisation with its revenue intelligence suite. It thrives on location-based sales analytics to drive growth in the organisation.



Capture New Accounts

The key to success for FMCG sector is to reach out to consumers. With SalesTrekk, new leads can be imported directly from maps by selecting a radius, industry and business type and helps in planning new territories for assignments.

Increase Penetration in Existing Accounts

SalesTrekk improves the FMCG sales value chain. It helps you to assign territory as per sales expertise and create new business opportunities within existing accounts by adding value to them.


Improve Sales Effectiveness

SalesTrekk provides intelligence data to better understand location-based demographics (Leads Analysis) & purchasing patterns. These insights can be used to leverage various touch points to increase consistency across customer experience and become a customer-centric organisation.

Save Time and Money

SalesTrekk is a cloud-based solution and thus is accessible 24/7 from any device (Mobile, Tablet and Laptop). It also shows an optimised path for the sales teams to reach their destination reducing logistic cost by optimising time and efficiency.


Discover how you can drive smarter decisions using location analytics