Curb Illegal Fishing

Illegal, Unregulated and Unreported (IUU) Fishing is a worldwide issue that threatens the marine ecosystem and sustainable fisheries.


Curb IUU Fishing

It violates conservation and management measures by over-exploiting the ocean’s resources. Hence, it is crucial that IUU Fishing is curbed. However, due to several factors such as the sheer size of the oceans, it has always been a challenge to detect these activities. This is where SkyMap Global can step in using MarineTrekk to detect ship related information.

  • Ship detection – Detection of individual vessels appeared in the newly acquired Synthetic Aperture Radar image.
  • Ship location extraction – Extract vessels’ location in the geographical coordinate system by using the information of Satellite metadata and vessel location in the image.
  • Ship information – Provide the vessel information such as: Size, heading direction
  • Ship type identification – Ship type classification based on the extracted ship size.

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