In today’s modern era, financial institutions are deep diving into geo-analytic based solutions to predict accurate outcomes that is important for agriculture management. Spatial intelligence helps financial institutions strategize investments, identify, manage and mitigate risks and plan recovery as per predictive analysis of their sales activities.

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Lead Generation

In sales, it always comes back to leads. They are the very foundation of any sales activity. There is always a sales quota to be made. With the lead generation module, importing can be done from several sources such as Google places, social media inputs from LinkedIn, Facebook and local interfaces.

Geolocation Tools

No matter where you are, stay connected with your customers through SalesTrekk geolocation tools. Now you visualize your contacts, leads and deals in relation to where you are on a beautiful map with real time tracking, address locator and territory assignment.


Sales Intelligence

With a consolidation of data that is leveraged daily from your pipeline, streamline your communication, and conversion processes. Managers will be able to identify the optimal sales cycle for their team and develop a sales-driven process with SalesTrekk smart data and reports.

Team Management

With various sectors and departments in the banking and finance industry, manager can streamline team management based on countries, state and even district levels. SalesTrekk provides the visibility needed for managers to make day to day decisions with real time updates.


Business Tools

Using real insights and analytics based on the sales data, managers can forecast and monitor the health of their business with our business tools such as reporting tools and lead conversion reports.

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