How can Earth Observation Analytics help you

Remote sensing systems have been collecting massive amounts of Earth data for many decades. Today, rapid progress in computing and technology can help you make sense of this data for agriculture, forestry, business, economic development, energy and security.

By combining multiple sets of data – from satellite, drones and IoT devices on the field, we can process, compute and employ machine learning and artificial intelligence to make sense of all this data and help you gain critical insights.

This means you can now gain access to the right information to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

Collect data

Capture data from satellites, drones, sensors, IoT devices, surveys and other sources

Process data

Process and merge captured data from various sources for full-fledged analysis

Gain insights

Visualise data to gain the insights you require to make the right decisions

Using Satellite Imagery to Monitor Infrastructure Projects Remotely

In a terrain that is difficult to traverse, monitoring projects by field is a difficult proposition. See how the Arunachal Pradesh government is using Satellite Imagery, Cloud Compute and Smartphones to stay current with infrastructure progress.


Get critical insights for your industry

We utilise cutting-edge technology and proprietary algorithms on data from all sources to help you gain critical insights






Smart City




We partner with some of the best companies in the world to fuse capabilities and facilitate knowledge sharing. With them, we pioneer new solutions and successfully provide value-add services and all the support you need.

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End-to-end imagery and data services

Get access to imagery and intelligence from various sources as per your requirements

On-demand province to country wide ortho-rectified mosaic basemaps

High quality, multi-spectral, high resolution, electro-optical Earth imagery for all your projects

Get high resolution SAR imagery for your projects to see more than what meets the eye

Capitalise on high-resolution imagery or use our drones for surveillance projects

Survey and plan land with high-resolution 3D visualisation

Analyse, plan and build fantastic projects with 3D City Models

Build great web and mobile experiences with enhanced location intelligence

Combine data from all sources with data from IoT devices to get real-time insights

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SkyMap Global Launches Automated Building Footprint Extraction Services

SkyMap Global ties up with IIT Patna to apply Deep Learning on Geospatial Data

Introducing the G-Wing UAV Imagery Platform

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At SkyMap Global, we’re building the future of earth observation analytics. Whether it is making agriculture better, reducing the impact of pollution or helping prevent disasters, our solutions are focused towards helping our customers discover, analyze and visualise information. And with a highly passionate team, we build the fastest, most efficient and affordable tools and techniques to help them make the right decisions.

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Our team is comprised of researchers and scholars with excellent academic backgrounds and technical skills looking for smart people to join them.

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At SkyMap Global, you will get your hands dirty applying advanced technology to earth observation data. Ask us about our feature extraction routines powered by machine learning.

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Innovation through research is at the core of our business and we continue to invest by closely working with top-tier institutes across the world.

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