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Google Maps API Industry Use Cases

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We are a premier partner for Google Maps in South East Asia and India. We’ve successfully helped thousands of companies with licensing Google Maps for their applications.

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See how businesses are using Google Maps API



See how XOOCAR focuses on providing affordable, reliable, and comfortable rides to commuters by harnessing data, location intelligence from Google Maps APIs.



See how Safetrax uses Google Maps API Enterprise version to power the next generation of commercial transportation by making it smarter and safer to travel.

Madras Cements

See how Madras Cements uses Google Maps to visualize business data and glean insights from reports, allowing them to pinpoint strategies for business growth.

DPD introduced Google Maps APIs to power its drop-off location finder and now uses the APIs to introduce a new service: live tracking for deliveries. This tracking feature is one of the most-used services on the DPD website and unique in the German delivery market. Both the package sender and recipient can look up the exact position of the package and follow its location on the online map. They can also see the arrival estimate, accurate within 30 minutes, and redirect the package if needed. The live-tracking display allows the user to follow the route of their delivery live on a PC or smartphone at any time.

After considering a range of options, Allianz selected Google Maps APIs because of their familiarity, reliability accuracy, ongoing innovation and relationships with other data providers. The new interface lets employees easily pinpoint a member’s location and the nearest service providers. Additional data layers let them quickly see addresses, available services, distance and travel time, and traffic information, while Street View lets them see the exact location of an incident so the can better reassure their customers.

Sample use-cases with Google Maps API


Address autocomplete

The Google Places API with Autocomplete can significantly streamline and simplify address entry in your application, leading to higher conversion rates and a frictionless checkout experience for your customers.

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Improve app experience

Get local data and improve your customer experience using Autocomplete with the Places API.

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Store conversions

Convert online searches to in-store purchases with a map-based store locator.

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Route optimisation

Help your users find the best route using the Directions API.

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Travel & stay planning

Create the most convenient travel planner by leveraging up to date global data from Google maps.

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Optimised ETA

Calculate travel distance and time with the Distance Matrix API.

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Field force management

Optimise field force management using rich location data, tracking and visualise more information such as sales conversions on Google Maps.

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Improved transport app experience

Map GPS coordinates to the geometry of the road and determine speed limits with the Roads API.

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Precision logistics

Help your customers get precise delivery and pick-up timings.

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Asset tracking

Implement customisable, mobile-ready, scalable asset tracking applications.

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Location discovery

Find a location based on information from cell towers and WiFi nodes with the Geolocation API.

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